Thursday, 25 September 2008

Al and Helen do Berlin


Good Luck Sie Everest Rock Kaninchen. Die Busse Runde es nicht funktionieren trotzdem. Wenn Sie nicht bis gepolstert, du bist Geist nicht "on the job". Ich bin ein Donut.

Guys, you're raising the bar big time when you do the Berlin Marathon tomorrow. Make it back won't you, because we've got a bigger test to look forward together next year. 

Great effort dudes - fly The Everest Test flag high for us all. (Better get this part in early!)

Agua sin gas, and lots of it.

Big love Hillsy

Friday, 8 August 2008

Time for some news....

Signed up to everything fitness orientated in one swoop of madness. Ease into it with the 10k in London in September, then G's organising us all to do the 3 peaks in October, and then we've got The Tough Guy in January. That should be fun in minus-a-million degrees. Running 3-4 times a week at the moment, but got to stop these weekends undoing all the hard work. 

Got an article in the West Sussex County Times published today. Not a bad little summary of what's going on, and got a banner on the front page too, just to draw a bit more attention to it. Big thanks to Kirt and Rob for sorting that out so quickly.

Hear from Wes that they have got 'serious' with Comic Relief about the markup / sponsorship / fundraising fiasco. Hopefully will be sorted soon.

Out for now....

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Hillsy envisages...

Morning Richie, morning all. Wes gave me a call on Monday in trepidation of meeting the Daddy of Qatar Airways. Hope he has his shmoozing hat on and that he understands what we're up to. I'd buy the whole Everest Test Committee's passion if nothing else. 

He asked me to do an artistic impression of the event in a few seconds to give the man a bit of a taster. 'Get him moist' was the brief to be precise. I included the main ingredients of most people's vision i think... mountainous backdrop, clear blue skies, extraordinary plateau where you wouldn't expect one, a sponsored wicket. 

Course it will probably be blowing a hoolie when we're there. Whatever the weather, the little task got me thinking, and perhaps a little damp in certain areas. 

Friday, 11 July 2008

So this is a blog hey. Hmmm.

I've got a pretty decent debut entry for y'all. A very pleasant young fellow has called me from the West Sussex County Times asking about the Test Above The Rest. How the wild fire has spread through Surrey and down into the Sussex jungle i'm not sure (especially as this sh*t makes Cambodia look like Kansas) but sure enough Kirt's name was mentioned as expected. A few beers down and the Everest Group had a contact in the South in Yours Truly.

We chin-wagged about the fundraising, the sponsorship, the logistics, the fitness, and most of all the inspiration for doing this extraordinary thing. So i dutifully went off on one about our collective passion to raise charitable funds by doing something different whilst also tapping into our travel aspirations, our need as (wannabe) athletes to stay in great shape, and the opportunity to be part of something highly unusual. Oh, and as a bonus we'll have ourselves one juicy World Record too.  

Course those in Team Tenzing will not be surprised that i kept returning to the charities, and as an apt reflection of my thoughts about the participants general lack of understanding here, I wish I knew more about them. I had a feeling this would come and bite me if I didn't get on with it and investigate our target charities. Got to pipe and deal with this asap.

Anyhow, we'll get the heads up if anything's printed, and he's very keen to know what we're up to re fundraising events etc. He'll come along and take some pics of us padded up, wherever that may be.

Happy days people, laters for now.